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Cancer rectal ppt, CANCERUL COLORECTAL

Other incineration: chemical, industrial, cremation etc Metal reprocessing Accidental fires, bonfires and builbing site fires and oil and coal burning Cement kilns which burn hazardous waste Use of leaded petrol Chlorine bleaching of wood pulp Manufacture or chlorine gas.

One picogram pg is one millionth of a millionth of a gram. Amounts in food and in our bodies are often measured in ppt. Dioxin contamination is usually made up of a mixture of chemicals, and the toxicity of these different compounds varies.

The amount of each type is multiplied by a number representing its toxicity a TEF and then all the contributions of all the different types are added up.

cancer rectal ppt

This gives an overall toxicity in toxic equivalents or TEQs. In a draft published in May they presented their most recent conclusions: The US EPA has previously stated that dioxins do cause cancer in humans.

In the recent draft they estimate risks of cancer due to dioxins in the general population. Existing levels of dioxins in the US popu- lation may cause cancer in one in every ten thousand or even in one in every thousand people in a lifetime. In the UK, cancer rectal ppt would cancer rectal ppt behveen 6, and 60, cancers in a lifetime of 60 years, or between 86and cancers a year.

Non-cancer effects include damage to reproductive, hormone and immune systems. These effects of dioxin, in animals and humans, are much worse than was previously thought. In the UK, we have, if anything, higher levels of dioxins in our bodies.

On average, we are likely to have body burdens of 9 ppt of cancer rectal ppt TEQs. Decreased testosterone occurs in men at 13 sistemul nervos de pelin. Altered glucose tolerance suggesting the threat of diabetes occurs at 14 ppt in one study.

Enhanced viral susceptibility is found in mice at 7 ppt, implying that we could be less resistant to viral illness at our current body level of dioxins. Dioxins stimulate the production of certain enzymes, which could have effects on cell processes, and this effect is found in rats at 1 pp.

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So virtually the whole human population could cancer rectal ppt be experiencing these subtle changes. Avoid eating large amou nts of fish, especially from polluted areas like the Mersey and Humber. Don't change your. This could make you lose weight, releasing stored dioxins from your fat into your blood stream. Carry on breastfeeding: breastfed babies are healthier and may be more intelligent, despite dioxins.

What is chlorine? Chlorine is one of the or so elements that make up all living and non-living things. It has always existed on earth, but mainly in safe non-active forms such as in ordi- nary common salt.

Cancerul Colorectal

Since the early s, however, there has been considerable concern about the unsafe, artificial forms of this element such as chlorine gas and organochlorine compounds. Chlorine gas elemental chlorine is pro- ducedwhensalt is split papilloma della pelle make caustic soda, an essential industrial chemical. The processis not easy: it requires a large input of energy and is usually done by passing an electric current through brine salt solution.

Mercury, a metal which is associated with severe health and envi- ronmental effects, is often still used. Chlorine is a by-product of the manufac- ture of caustic soda for which uses, many of them disastrous, have been sought. Partof thesolutiontothe chlorine problem will be to successfully manufacture caustic soda without pro-' ducing chlorine, a process which is already beginning The German Council of Experts for Environmental Issues, a government think- tank, stated in ' Organochlorine cancer rectal ppt are chemicals in which chlorine is strongly bound to carbon, the major building block for all living things.

Organochlorines are made by reacting chlorine gas with organic chemicals from the coal and oil industries. After World War II the petrochemical industry expanded and organochlorine production increased.


As a result, the quantities of synthetic organochlorines now in the environment far outweigh trace amounts that might occur naturally. Many organochlorines are strongly fat- seeking- they tend to build up in the fatty parts of living creatures where they become more concentrated and toxic.

cancer rectal ppt

The pesticide DDT is now banned in cancer rectal ppt countries. The CFCs break down in the earth's upper atmosphereto release their chlorine.

cancer rectal ppt

This chlorine destroysthe ozone layer which protects us front harmful ultraviolet rays. Many additional skin cancers and damage to vegetation will be caused as a result of this ozone depletion.

ACID RAIN Organochlorines,such as trichloroethylene which breakdown to form acids in the air, contribute to acid cancer rectal ppt and consequently to damage done to cancer rectal ppt and wildlife.

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Their main use has been in equipment in electricity substations and in washing machines and electric motors. Accidents involving PCBs have caused severe poisoning andtheir manufacture - and use is now banned worldwide. A large amount of the PCBs producedin the past are still present in our environment, especially in the sea cancer rectal ppt are concentrated in the bodies of fish.

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It is recognised as a probable human carcinogen in California and Sweden. An increased risk of miscarriage has been found in women exposed to perc in early pregnancy.

cancer rectal ppt

Pentachlorophenol PCP and lindane, both used for wood treatment, have caused ill health in employees cancer rectal ppt in people who have had their homes treated with either of these chemicals. Dioxin-like compounds Dioxins, furans and PCBswhich are generally referred to as dioxin-like compounds are highly toxic organochlorines. These compounds are extremely fat-seeking: once eaten they become stuck in bodyfat where they can remain lor many years. Although the average amounts of dioxin- like compounds in our bodies are very small measured in parts in a million million they are thought to be associated cancer rectal ppt damage to cancer rectal ppt nervous systems of babies before birth.

Minute traces of dioxins may have existed before industrialisation, but a huge rise occurred in the s. This parallels the massive expansion of organochlorine manufacture which started at this time. Organochlorines are rarely found in living systems; those that are have specialised and powerful functions, sometimes as natural disinfectants.

6.cancerul rectal.ppt

There are some natural organochlorines in the atmosphere, cancer rectal ppt considerably greater amounts of artificially produced ones. Chlorine bleached paper In the paper-making process, wood is broken down, and many different chemical compounds are produced. If chlorine is then used to bleach the woodpulp, it reacts with these chemicals to form dioxins and hundreds of other organochlorines These are then discharged to rivers in the affluent from pulp millsorburnt as sludge in incinerators and traces also remain in the paper products themselves.

Chlorine is not used in woodpulping in Britain, but chlorine bleached pulp is imported and so supports the continuation of an extremely polluting process in other countries. Pulp does not have to be bleached with chlorine - paper products cancer rectal ppt from unbleached and non-chlorine bleached pulp are now available throughout Europe.

Dioxins in the body

Its research shows dioxin does cause cancer in humans for responses to dioxin there may be no safe level effects on reproductive and the immune system can be expected at or just above the levels in bodyfat of the general population.

The UK's "tolerable daily intake" implies that these levels are safe but its basis has cancer rectal ppt been openly control tapeworm. This contrasts with the US cancer rectal ppt review proces.

USE reusable nappies, not disposables. AVOID organochlorine products, PVC in cling film, stationery and shampoo bottles, solvents in paint remover and correcting fluid, Pentachlorophenol and Lindane in wood preservatives.

Some disinfectants contain organochlorines - look at the label. AVOID dry cleaning: perchloroethylene is hazardous in use and it is a bulk chlorine product cancer rectal ppt manuf acture and disposal create long lasting toxic pollution Alternative treatments for non-washable clothes are already being developed.

USE water based correction fluid; avoid 1,1,1- trichloroethane.


ASK companies if products contain organochlorines. Ask supermarkets what their packaging is made from, and avoid packaging which contains organochlorines. PVC packaging is often labelled with a "V". USE water based paint; solvents may include organochlorines.

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LOOK on product labels. Organochlorine products often have "chloro" in their names; check the label and avoid the chlorine. Alternatives are usually available. USE less petrol - leaded petrol is a small source of dioxins and although unleaded petrol is a better option it is becoming apparent that there are health problems linked to this too.

USE cork or cancer rectal ppt for floor covering.