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    Chirurgia Bucur ; 1 hpv virus type 16 og 18 The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology issued in the last Guideline for endometriosis management including the statement that among 83 recommendations in 32 cases the best available evidence was only based on good clinical practice, further research being necessary to solve the lack of evidence in this pathology.

    A Cochrane review published in by Hart et al. But several authors revealed that ovarian tissue was inadvertently excised together with the cyst wall hpv virus type 16 og 18 endometrioma cystectomy is associated with a significant decrease in residual ovarian volume that may result in diminished ovarian reserve and function.

    The aim of our retrospective study was to evaluate whether or not ovarian parenchyma is inadvertently removed during laparoscopic surgery for endometrioma in a Romanian academic center.

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    Histological specimens of excised endometriomas were reviewed by different pathologists, who carried out serial microscopic sections according to pathology protocol for diagnosis of ovarian mass but not specific for the ovarian parenchyma removed with the cyst. Furthermore, at the time of surgery the amount of ovarian parenchyma loss may increases proportionally with increases in cyst diameter and patient age.

    Considering that most of the woman in our series were infertile and because of data from series using plasma energy, a shift in the endometrioma treatment paradigm is likely to occur.

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