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Mesenchymal stromal cells derived exosomes as tools for chronic wound healing therapy Ana-Maria Rosca, Raluca Tutuianu, Irina Domnica Titorencu In modern society, the healing of chronic wounds is still a major cause of discomfort for the patients and a financial burden for the care system.

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Current approaches use either organic tissue-engineered skin substitutes or stem cells based therapy. It has been shown that mesenchymal stem cells MSCs are able to improve the wound healing process by secreting factors with anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic and pro-angiogenic activities either as soluble molecules growth factors, cytokines or encapsulated within membrane vesicles microparticles, exosomes. It has been shown that exosomes, the small membrane vesicles originating from the endocytic pathway, are the main mediators of MSCs paracrine effect.

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Their complex cargo mRNA, microRNA and various anti-apoptotic and pro-angiogenic factors has been found to induce migration and proliferation of fibroblasts as well as collagen synthesis. Thus, the combination of MSCs derived exosomes and organic biomaterials in order to enhance the healing process represents a novel approach for chronic wounds therapy, involving a cell-free use of MSCs paracrine activity.

Transdifferentiations and heterogeneity in the stromal niches of uterine leiomyomas Mugurel Constantin Neuroendocrine cancer radiation, Florinel Pop, Sorin Hostiuc, Livia Manta, Nicoleta Maru, Mihai Grigoriu Uterine leiomyomas, also known as uterine fibroids UFsare benign smooth muscle cells tumors, the most frequent tumors in women. Even though UFs are monoclonal tumors, they contain a heterogeneous and versatile cells population. There are scarce proofs about the processes of transdifferentiation that might occur in UFs, modify the tumor microenvironment and support neuroendocrine cancer radiation and lymph vessels formation.

Within these niches, the expressions of CD44 and podoplanin were less investigated and regarded as markers of such processes of transdifferentiation.

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These tumors produce and secrete peptide hormones and biogenic amines and they are called neuroendocrine neoplasms because of the marker proteins that they share with the neural cell system. The classification and nomenclature used to designate NENs have undergone changes over the past decades due to the accumulation of evidence related to the biological characteristics and their evolution.

In accordance with the WHO criteria, the determination of the NEN malignancy potential is based on grading, depending on the mitotic activity and the Ki67 proliferation index, as well as on the tumor TNM stage.

  • Abstract Multiple primary tumors can be synchronous when detected simultaneously or metachronous when detected after a variable time interval.
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  • Cancerul pancreatic, Cancer pancreatique neuroendocrine
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It is worth emphasizing that the terms neuroendocrine tumor NET and neuroendocrine carcinoma NEC neuroendocrine cancer radiation, without reference to grading or differentiation, are inadequate for prognostic assessment or the therapy determination, being inappropriate in pathology reports.

The functional status of the tumor is based on the clinical findings but not neuroendocrine cancer radiation the pathological data or immunohistochemically profile.

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Despite the inability to establish a single system of sites, these are neuroendocrine cancer radiation features to establish the basis of most systems, documentation of these features allowing for greater reliability in the pathology reporting of these neoplasms. The peripheral giant cell granuloma PGCG is a benign lesion induced by local chronic irritation. It may develop at any age, and tends to be more frequent in females. Central giant cell granuloma CGCG is a reactive lesion of unknown etiology.

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It commonly occurs in children and young adults. It is also predominant in females and frequently located in the anterior part of the mandible.

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The lesions are non-encapsulated proliferations of oval and spindle-shaped mononuclear cells MCs and multiple multinucleated giant cells MGCs in neuroendocrine cancer radiation vascular supporting stromal tissue, associated with foci of hemorrhage. PGCG is usually reduced in size and asymptomatic. It grows locally, as an exophytic lesion on the alveolar mucosa, but may become slightly infiltrative in the underlying periosteum and bone.

After complete excision and curettage, it has a low recurrence rate. Contrarily, CGCG has an aggressive behavior, with rapid growth and intense osteolytic activity causing perforation of the cortical plate, teeth malposition and pain.

Symptoms and treatment of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs) - Mayo Clinic

Moreover, it is by a high recurrence rate. This review focuses on the origin and activating pathways of MCs and MGCs, discusses the mechanisms underlying their biological activity, tries to explain the variable clinical behavior and proposes therapeutic approaches for the granulomas associated with the jaw bones.

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Clinical, histological and therapeutic modern approach of Ledderhose disease Tiberiu Paul Neagu, Mirela Tiglis, Andreea Popescu, Valentin Enache, Serban-Arghir Popescu, Ioan Lascar Ledderhose disease or plantar fibromatosis is a rare hyperproliferative disorder of the plantar aponeurosis, clinically characterized by nodules situated especially on the medial border of the foot.

It is histopathologically associated with Dupuytren s disease. This disease has some risk factors, like old age, alcohol or nicotine abuse, liver dysfunction, trauma or exposure to vibrations and autoimmune disorders, but the exact etiology is still unknown. Even though it is benign, the local manifestations can be aggressive, leading to debilitating deformities and contractures of the toes.

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Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are used to confirm the diagnosis and to eliminate other disorders.

Whenever is possible, the conservative therapies are recommended.

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Having a high recurrence, Ledderhose disease can be hard to treat, needing multiple surgical neuroendocrine cancer radiation. This paper aims to cover all the neuroendocrine cancer radiation aspects of this disease for daily medical practice, from history to clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods and histopathological features, to conservative and surgical treatment modalities.

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