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    Favorites Abstract Background: Endoscopic ultrasonography EUS is a diagnostic method that aims to detect and stage tumors of the pancreas more accurately. It has a high predictive role regarding tumor resectability.

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    Aim: The present paper aims to assess the diagnostic accuracy of radial EUS in the staging of pancreatic cancer as well as the role of EUS to predict tumor resectability. Surgical examination was indicated in patients with pancreatic masses evidenced by imaging methods other than EUS, without distant metastases proved preoperatively, and without taking into consideration the staging obtained by EUS.

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    Resectability criteria for pancreatic tumors as assessed by EUS were invasion of superior mesenteric artery or invasion of celiac trunk. The accuracy of EUS for predicting tumor stage had a direct impact on the assessment of tumor resectability Conclusion: The radial EUS of the pancreas is an accurate method for tumor staging.

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    For establishing tumor resectability, association with other imaging methods is advisable for arterial assessment. Similar articles.