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The solution is surprisingly close at hand. For as strange as it seems, U.

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S researchers have found cooling the palms increases your capacity for exercise. The team from Stanford University, California, said holding something cool, like a bottle of water, means celebrity with hpv throat cancer heat is stored celebrity with hpv throat cancer the body, making it easier to work out for longer.

They studied the effect in a group of obese women aged 30 to 45 following an exercise programme.

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All were asked to work out with their hands in a palm-cooling device containing water at different temperatures. For half the 24 women, the water was at 16C while for the other half the temperature was raised to the normal body level of 37C.

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  • Hpv cell removal procedure - Hpv removal surgery
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Participants went through the same fitness routines including push-ups, lunges and using a treadmill. The goal was to increase exercise duration to minute long sessions at 80 per cent of maximum heart rate.

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Keeping cool in the gym makes it easier to train Over a period of three months the women with cooled hands shaved an average five minutes off the time taken to walk 1.

Those whose hands were kept at body temperature showed no such improvement and were more likely to drop out of the study.

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Lead researcher Dr Stacy Sims, said: 'Obese women often complain about sweating and getting tired because they're walking around with extra insulation. They can do more work.

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But Dr Sims suggested that simply holding a bottle of water could cool the palms and have a similar effect. Share or comment on this article: Why a cool pair of hands rather than a cool head will help you in the gym Most watched Cancer laringo faringian simptome videos.

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