Follicle-stimulating hormone receptors: a new immunohistochemical marker in cancers?

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    TB vaccine trial is step forward though results 'not what hoped' TB vaccine trial is step forward though results 'not what hoped' Research 5 February A new vaccine against tuberculosis developed at Oxford University — the TB vaccine most advanced in clinical trials — has been found not to offer extra protection against the disease in babies previously vaccinated with BCG. Link to full story here © Oxford University The clinical trial was the first to evaluate the ability of a new TB vaccine to prevent the disease since BCG, the 90 year-old vaccine that is familiar to many and is used extensively throughout the world.

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    The study involved almost 2, babies in South Africa and the findings are published in the medical journal The Lancet. Professor Helen McShane, who first developed the MVA85A vaccine 15 years ago at Oxford Ovarian cancer new treatment 2020 Jenner Institute and is senior author on the Lancet paper, says despite the disappointing results, getting to this point marks a step forward for ovarian cancer new treatment 2020 field and there is much to be learned from the results.

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